Let’s Make It!

This project has not yet been implemented and we are currently looking for funding to make it happen! If you would like to sponsor this project contact us and let’s start sharing and developing skills!

The visual arts sector has great support when it comes to mentorship and how to enter the arts market. There is less support when it comes to how to make, workshop space and development of ones skills. Based on the ‘Each one Teach one’ concept – each artist who takes part in these workshops will need to pass on some of their knowledge to others through a workshop they host (either at The Creative Co-Lab of elsewhere). This series of 7 workshops will show artists a range of useful skills in their making such as: making your own plinths and frames, how to cast in cement and silicone, how to make your own molds, amongst others. The artists will also have access to the Creative Co-Lab for 3 months and will receive individual technical assistance for 4 hours over the period.

Let's Make it - Workshop series at the Creative Co-Lab Timeline

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